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We are coming Full Circle with you this week.

Round out the year with a live performance and interview on KPFA’s Full Circle, with Da’vid De La Gran, and the fabulous First Voice Apprenticeship Program.

LISTEN LIVE 12/29/2017

7pm ON 94.1FM KPFA




SEPTEMBER 16th, 2017

Friday, July, 21st, 7 pm

Bluestockings, NYC


M&TB will be releasing their second music video, Mafia, this summer, just ahead of their debut album release early fall.

Mafia, a song written about the influence of power, money, and violence on the shaping of our world, is a pop-punk feeling blues anthem that has its listeners bopping to the beat while reconsidering their carbon footprint.  Layering references in lyrics, with video homages to early beatnik Bob Dylan and a steamy stiletto Godfatheresque intro, this is the first release in what promises to be an epic album-length video series. Shot and edited by the ever-impressive Liberated Lens Collective, the inciting pop-culture mashup will impress your eyes as well as your mind.